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November 23, 2016

Not For Sale

The Dao can’t be bought at the local market or the fanciest mall in town…it’s not for sale and I don’t care how much money you got, or what kind of horse trader you are, you aren’t gonna own it…one must know that the mighty Dao isn’t some trinket that you just pick up somewhere…it is the direct opposite of people who are evil…in relation to such people, it locates itself at unreachable distances…far away from their touch…so many live without so much as even looking at the Dao…ignoring the ways of the Dao, and wasting their life doing things that have no true value…they have too strong of a love for their life, and therefore they die too early and in great suffering because they value the wrong things... they think they’re rich because they have a couple of beans in their pocket…when all the time, they’re ignoring the gold beneath their feet.