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September 12, 2016

Weeds In The Mind

Bought a hoe the other day at one of those ‘big box’ stores…some people are always encouraging us to buy from small businesses and help support them…like those ‘Mom & Pop’ stores…but it seems to me the ones I go to are always more expensive…I don’t feel any kind of allegiance to buy from them…I go where I got more selection and I can get what I want cheaper…and if it means going to Lowes or buying from Amazon, that’s ok with me…never owned a hoe in my life, but thought it might be easier to get the weeds out of the garden with…does a good job…if only we could buy something to get the weeds out of our mind with…some minds are just overrun with them…just like getting them out of the garden, it takes some hard work to clear your mind of them too…meditation can be helpful…or read the Tao Te Ching and practice what it says.