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September 11, 2016

Montreal Memories

I was reminiscing the other day about being in Montreal, many years ago…what a great city…stayed on Guy Street at a hotel no longer there…had some delicious barbecue…wanted to go to the art museum but never quite made it…went into one restaurant and the waitress only spoke French…we managed to order some toast and coffee…sometimes life is about overcoming barriers, language or otherwise…of course when I was walking down a street there somebody asked me for directions (in French of course) and I wasn’t able to help…sorry fella…watched a Canadian League football game on TV in my room one night…the Alouettes were playing…had a great time there despite some barriers (like I didn’t speak French), but there were plenty of people who spoke English and even the ones that didn’t were patient with this tourist…the barriers were overcome like how the water overcomes the large stones in its path…it finds a way…we can find a way to if we try hard enough.