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September 22, 2016

My Opinion

I write quite a bit and if you have ever posted anything on the internet, you’ll always find those who want to challenge and argue with you… You can post on just about any topic and there’s always going to be at least one person that wants to disagree and debate about it… Personally, I just post and move on…I’m not interested in debating anybody, or arguing with anybody…I have my opinion and they have theirs and we don’t have to agree or try to convince the other person that they are wrong…I don’t have any hankering to argue with someone just for the sake of arguing…but, that’s the way were getting as a society I guess…everybody’s a know-it-all or some kind of smart aleck that wants to poke at you…more than likely to try to get a rise out of you more than make a valid point…so I make my campfire and in the morning kick it out and ride on.