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September 21, 2016

All Gone Now

They’re all gone now…John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Jim Davis and many more of the stars of the old westerns I love to watch…Dale Robertson died just a few years ago…that old lifestyle is gone too…back when men were men…wiped away by the modern advances that erased the Old West…some for the good, and some for the bad…even the few westerns that are made today are completely different than the films of old…’gritty’ they like to say, but they really mean trashy…maybe they are more realistic…who knows…but I prefer the simpler old ones because they’re better, at least in my opinion…thank goodness for TCM and DVD’s that keep those films alive…there’s a lot of great old TV westerns too…never cared for Gunsmoke, but I enjoy Tales Of Wells Fargo, Wanted Dead or Alive, and Stories of the Century…sometimes on an afternoon or evening, I’ll just have a western marathon and watch a bunch of different films or TV shows and just kinda lose myself for a while…there’s some folks who claim we shouldn’t get caught up in distractions, but I don’t think a little bit from time to time fact it probably helps…