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September 24, 2016

Breaker Breaker

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As a kid, I remember getting a CB back during the glory days of CB radio. It was a 24 channel Realistic Navaho model that I bought brand new at Radio Shack… my Dad helped me install the antenna outside and I was ‘ON THE AIR’…this was LONG before anybody had heard of cellphones…All my friends got CB’s too, and we spent many an hour and late into the night talking about nothing on them for a few months… You met some nice people and you ran into some nasty ones just like you do in life… One of my neighbors had one that interfered with TV reception because his signal was so strong. Needless to say, the neighbors confronted him about it pretty quick… Later, I got a mobile antenna so I could use it in my car, although I think I put it in there just a couple of times... My friends later upgraded to a 40 channel CB, but I stuck with my original… I even wrote an article about CB’s that got put in the newspaper…as for me, I never heard too many of those supposed trucker conversations like the ones heard in the old song ‘Convoy’ even though I lived just a few blocks from one of the big interstates… well anyway, after a while all the CB excitement died down for the most part. It was a fad that came and went for most folks… I don’t even know what happened to the one I owned. I suppose it wound up in a garage sale or just got thrown out… a lot of things in life are like that...there the cat’s pajamas for a while, and then we lose interest and they get discarded… It was a fine looking radio if I say so myself. I did find a picture of the same model I had though. Sure brings back memories…