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January 13, 2016

Unknotting the Knots

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There are many ways to unwind the mind; and we probably know most of those. One of the easiest to do is to take long deep breaths breathing in the universe and breathing out all the dust that accumulates within. With each in-breath, feel the body expanding, the knots unknotting until you cannot feel them anymore. Feel the tension of the body lessen and lessen until it is light as a feather; a feather that is floating away in the soft winds of a summer night under a million stars. Let the weight upon your mind melt away like a snowflake in your hand; just melting away. Close your eyes and let all that troubles you run off like water off a mountain; trickling, splashing, dirty water cascading off of you. Even though the problems don’t go away, they no longer are pressing down on you, on top of you until you can’t breathe. Now you have your chi operating in clear water and clear water means clarity.