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January 14, 2016

5/4 Time

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The wise man is often the great contrarian. He’s doing that zig when others are zagging thing, zagging when they’re zigging and all that jazz. He’s playing in 5/4 time when others are waltzing away their lives to a tired beat. When others are jumping to conclusions, he stays on the ledge and looks down the street to get the big picture. When others are hitting the panic button, he’s got his hands in his jacket pockets and remains calm and cool like the coolest cucumber in the grocery store, I mean the coolest. The one with the sunglasses and the black cap on with a few days growth on his chin. When others see obstacles in the way, he sees great mountains to scale…beautiful mountains covered in glistening snow that fell from glistening clouds and landed softly and perfectly. These mountains are offering passes to cross by. Another time, another place when the rain comes and others run to get out of it, he stands in the middle of it and is soaked to the skin by those things of nature that he seeks to become one with.