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January 27, 2016

The Dying of The Light

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As we age we come to terms with the same situations that all humans usually must face. The body breaks down like some old VW bus from the 60’s with the psychedelic colors painted on it that were bright like our future, but now have become faded and indistinguishable with all things becoming old and sick, and eventually dying. You can rage against the dying of the light all you want to but eventually that light will be extinguished. However, one who has learned the lessons of nature and the teachings will well understand and accept this. It can almost be comforting to know that the cycle will come full circle. And it is most comforting to be accepting of this. All things return to the point where they began. There is a time for everything and you will learn that everything has a time and a place and then a time and a place where they don’t belong anymore.