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January 26, 2016

Ships and Freight Trains

Image result for passing boxcars of a train
Many years ago, I would stand seaside and think of the ships out in the waters; far off in the distance and I’d wonder where they were going and what cargo they may have aboard; sugar, corn, shoes, blues. I did the same thing with freight trains. I’d run to the crossing when I heard them coming. I’d hear their horns splitting the humid summer air. I’d watch them pass and feel their mighty power; steel wheels grinding and humming and singing a traveling tune. I often thought of hopping aboard one of them and just riding out of town to someplace intriguing like Indianapolis, Cincinnati, or Tahiti where I could see all the woman Gauguin painted in all their exotic wonderfulness. But then, ‘common sense’ kept me from actually doing such a thing. Even to this day, I wonder about those adventures and think that common sense might have actually been stupid. Maybe common sense when it comes to some things is thought highly of by the intelligentsia who actually don’t do anything but analyze.