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January 5, 2016

Back In Touch

The best thing a person can do is to get back in touch with that that part of ourselves that we lost somewhere along the way; it may be our innocence, or our youthful outlook that things really can get better, or that the world’s a better place than it really is. It’s been said we don’t get old playing, but that we get old when we stop playing. I’ve seen it happen. You’re young and then BAM, you’re old. It happens a lot in high school. You’re friends with somebody for a long time, but after summer break and you come back to school, and it’s like you don’t know them anymore. Or stuff you used to like, you just don’t care about anymore because you are the one that has changed. You can’t do anything about that stuff then or now, but there’s good news tonight… We can reconnect to those things that have slipped away from us; scrape the jadedness of our clothes, open our eyes again. Let the weight fall off your shoulders. Appreciate the simple.