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December 31, 2015

Knowledge For The Real World

What’s an education? Is it sitting in some outdated classroom reading books from 200, 300, or more years ago? Memorizing information which was useless then and is more useless if possible now? It’s information that is forgotten as soon as the student walks out the door into the real world. We need knowledge for the real world. That’s what we don’t have enough of now. We get so bogged down with the pointless that there is no or little time to teach how to survive. Life is all about survival. ‘Education’ is a revolving door in a building with no soul, no compassion, just teaching to tests and measuring numbers and measuring numbers some more so we can tell ourselves how good we are doing, or wring our hands over less than desired results? When is someone going to wake up from this stupor and realize the information that is really needed in this puzzle called life?