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October 3, 2015


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Well established hierarchies are not easily uprooted
Closely held beliefs are not easily released
Even as a preponderance of truth washes up at their feet
MIndless ritual enthralls generation after generation

Harmony does not care for harmony
In fact, it is quite indifferent
But ritual is intent upon forcing harmony
Thus, it cannot attain it.

The sage goes by harmony, not by hope
He dwells in the fruit and not the flower
He accepts the actual and ignores abstraction

Ritual is only outer cloak of our beliefs
Anyone can perform a ritual and look good doing it
It is what goes beyond ritual that is important
The sage looks beyond style and seeks substance
Not at the curtain, but what is behind it
That is where true nature lives
In the shadow, out of spotlight
The sage makes no display, only living naturally.