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July 18, 2015

Raindrops On The Roof

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I just sat there in my truck listening to the raindrops falling on the roof. I was supposed to be driving home by now but these moments are always very special to me; just listening to the rain and staring at the woods in front of me. I wasn’t thinking of anything. I was just taking it all in. It was like some kind of unplanned meditation session. Once I started to drive home, I watched the windshield wipers wiping away the raindrops only to have them return almost instantly.  It has been said that some people walk in the rain and some just get wet. I wondered how many other people in all those cars was experiencing the same thing I was; really experiencing it and not just putting up with it. I got home and sat in the truck in the driveway just listening. It started raining harder. I for one found a small piece of enlightenment that evening.