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July 19, 2015

33rd Floor

Remember that time when we splurged and got that hotel room on the 33rd floor of the Marriott? We stayed up all night drinking sake and a few other things and looking at all the pretty lights of the city. We were lucky it was a clear night and we could even see the lake from up there. We talked about how nice ‘the good life’ must be. In the morning our good life would be over but we didn’t want to think about that. From up there you can see everything, yet not see much at all. We watched the little cars like toys buzzing through the streets way down below. We heard the eerie sounds and echos of an ambulance bouncing off the buildings. We tried to stay up all night to see daybreak but didn’t quite make it. For one night, it felt like we were on top of the world. You want it to last, but you know it can’t. In the morning, we were back near the bottom. That’s the yin and yang of it all.