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July 27, 2015

No Sentimentality

The train is crowded today and we were lucky to get seats. It is a long journey. Some of us sit and some of us stand and we all share the view but look at different things. Even though we share so much, we all live in very different worlds. We can’t even comprehend other people’s lives, or sometimes even our own. We come into this world kicking and screaming. Often times we go out not with a whimper, but if we are lucky, perhaps with a quiet dignity. We go through life, each of us getting off at different stops for different reasons. We get off but the train keeps going leaving us behind. Soon, we cannot see the train anymore. It becomes only a memory. It doesn’t matter to the train if we got off or not. The train, like the Dao, has no sentimentality. We can ride in it, or we can fall under it and be crushed. The train doesn’t care.