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November 2, 2014

The Imperial Dao

The Imperial Dao will outlast anything else that claims to be imperial or claims that it will last forever. Forever often doesn’t seem to last as long as we think it will. Sometimes we believe in things so hard; we want them to be true or to become true, but it is not to be. Time marches on and the universe we live in changes with it; every step, with every beat of the drum of time. it is unceasing. The tall maple tree that has been in our yard, sturdy and strong, from the time we were a child to the time we now pass as adults, suddenly one day dies. We may look for reasons why things happen and maybe we find them, or maybe we don’t. The Dao is everything that is and there will always be and is in some form or another although those who write the annals of history may not be around to record it. The Dao will go on. The unthinkable becomes routine. The steady becomes shaky and unreliable.