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November 6, 2014

A Study of Astrology

It is interesting to think that the stars, the planets, the moons, and such could play a large effect in our lives; where they were when we were born, if certain ‘alignments’ can bring good fortune or bring misfortune and so on. Studies have been done however and no factual evidence exists that indicate that these things are true. Many see astrology as just a fun diversion, but there are some take it quite seriously. Certain ‘traits’ of different astrological signs are usually vague or so wide ranging that one could see these traits in themselves, but one could easily find traits that describe them in other signs as well. Newspapers print astrology columns which supposedly provide guidance on what might occur in a day in relation to the corresponding sign of the zodiac. Practicing astrologers often scoff at such material. Yet, experiments have been done on personalized horoscopes done by ‘professional’ astrologers, and have shown poor results which are no better than the newspaper versions which of course runs contrary to the claims of professional astrologers.