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July 14, 2014

The Problem With Problems

Part of the biggest problem we have is that we misunderstand our problems or don’t even realize we have a problem. The man who drinks too much blames his employers for firing him from job after job, not realizing that his drinking is the problem. Or maybe we find ourselves friendless and lonely, but we fail to see our personality and ways as putting off people. We become angry with society because we are unhappy. Society is of course at fault for many things, but these issues are often personal; but no one wants to blame themselves or take any personal responsibility. The only way we overcome these problems is by realizing what the real problem is; and that can take a great amount of soul searching and self-realization. Buddha said that our biggest problem is not wanting to have any problems. This is life, and this cannot be so. Problems are as common as cracks in a sidewalk. Sometimes we can learn from our problems if we approach them the correct way. Sometimes problems can make us stronger individuals; but only if we realize the root cause of them and take steps to eradicate the root.