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June 26, 2014

Sovereign Citizen

It’s most likely great to think of yourself as being a sovereign citizen of the world, having no allegiance to any one government. You’ve got to follow common sense ‘laws’ but you have no convictions when it comes to certain ‘duties’ or patriotism, your only conviction is being free. Of course, the drawback is getting other people to recognize your independence. It can be a rocky road. I remember a scene from the movie ‘The Sand Pebbles’ where one of the characters claimed to be a sovereign citizen of the world and claimed that he did not have to follow directions from the U.S. military when they tried to evacuate him from a China fraught with strife. The military let him stay but when he tried to explain his sovereignty to a Chinese militia, well, he was shot to death before he could make them understand if they wanted to understand at all. Well, it was a movie, but…not everyone evidently believes in that concept.