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October 27, 2012

One Foot In The Canoe

If the inner mind is in synchronicity with the Dao, the outer actions will not go astray. You can dress a horse as a nobleman, but he is still a horse. One can wear the clothes of the Dao but can be separated from them and go back to the dark sides of human nature if they are not careful. Wearing the clothes is not enough. One must immerse their whole self in the ways of the Dao. Those who have one foot in the canoe and one foot on the bank will fall into the river. To become one with the Dao is to fully commit to it. It cannot be part-time, a hobby, or an only done when convenient activity. The light switch is either on or off. One is either pregnant or not. You may fool yourself but you will not fool others. One rain does not make a crop. If one walks with the Dao, their steps will be light, graceful, and truthful. Their thoughts will be pure. Every time we break from the Dao, we fall back; we move further away. It is the flash of anger, the lure of greed, or the power of selfishness that can divide us from being one with the Dao. These forces are extremely powerful and even the most well-meaning and strong can have a difficult time overcoming them. It is a constant fight that goes on; the yin and the yang, the yes and the no, the good and the evil, that lie within us.