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October 28, 2012

Not Knowing Can Be Knowing

If we take the time to wonder, the wisdom will come whether we understand the answer or not if we are patient. So many ask questions but do not wait to listen to the answers. Sometimes not knowing is knowing. If a man claims to know everything, then the questions seem unnecessary. However the man who thinks he knows everything is further away from the answers than he can imagine. Too often, pride gets in the way. The man who is lost and will not ask directions from another suffers from this; the one who struggles because they are too proud to ask for help. On the flipside, we have those who are answering the question before it is even asked or completed. They are a fountain of knowledge but the fountain overflows making a mess and the fountain is full of impure water. To not know in some cases may be foolish but it is far more foolish to not know but claim you do. Some people want to share their ‘knowledge’ in the worst way and proceed to do so. No one has all the answers, no one has cornered the market on wisdom. Always be the empty vase ready to receive the flowers and water.