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May 4, 2012


Some say, “Know thyself” however is there anyone who does know himself? Is it not equally wrong to say “I have realized thyself” as to say “I have not realized thyself”? How could we possibly know if we know all there is to know about ourselves or if we have fallen short? How could we possibly believe this trickery of the mind? It would be up to the mind to determine this and of course the mind is prone to errors in judgment. Relying on others for their opinions is sketchy at best, a roll of the dice. If we come to the conclusion we will never totally know ourselves, we can put to rest any anxiousness about a false pretense. Would you risk your life to save another? Would it make you any less of a person if you did not? It is easy to sit on the couch and be a sage but not so easy to actually know.