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July 27, 2011

The Gentle Breeze

Be the gentle breeze that calms the churning ocean. When faced with a stormy sea, be not the rowboat that is capsized, but the ocean liner that glides through. To remain centered on the teachings keeps one from losing perspective and wisdom. Perspective is maintaining the middle way, not desperately grasping at things or ideas, not getting caught up in emotions.

A pond is relaxed and clear. We can see to the bottom. When we enter the pond, we should do so in a gentle manner. This manner is full of compassion, grace, and peace. Only the slightest ripple is created. We are calm and tranquility ensues. That is the Way. While we are in the pond, we should do our best to remain this way. We should avoid churning the waters. Thrashing about causes the fish around us to dart away from us. Sediment is raised from the bottom and clouds our view. We no longer see clearly.

When leaving the pond, do so with the same grace as when you entered. Have the wisdom to know when it is time to leave. Do not try to swim against the current in desperation. The water that falls from the sky is absorbed by the sun. From whence we came, we shall return.