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June 3, 2011


I enjoy painting. I have done several solo shows and many group shows. I have had the good fortune to sell some paintings to people who liked my work. I have never formulated a self-important pompous ‘mission statement’. I have not had too many artist friends. Many artists are full of ego and self-promotion. I simply paint for the enjoyment of it. One person can absolutely love your work, the next will shake their head and make some disparaging comment as they walk away. I believe we can learn a great deal from painting and paintings themselves. When we are painting, it is our world. We are in control. We can do whatever we want, create whatever we want. We can have people with green faces, pink trees, oh the possibilities! Our real world of course is not like that. We have limited control over things. The things we have no control over can be better handled by having the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching on our side to guide us through the turbulent times as well as the good.