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May 5, 2011

Castle Of Tao

I think that I would rather like to live in a castle. I can see myself walking to the downstairs library, selecting one book among the hundreds. Then I would sit down by a finely crafted ornamental window, occasionally gazing out at the perfectly manicured gardens. Perhaps donning a sweater on a cold and snowy day and relaxing on a regally red sofa by a towering stone fireplace. The wood cracking and popping while I sip the finest brandy from my crystal goblet. Maybe instead, I lose myself the entire day in a few of the many rooms and do not see anyone at all until dinner was served on the elongated mahogany table with elegant linen at precisely eight p.m. Since I shant have means to afford such luxury, I shall instead live in the castle of Tao, protected and sheltered by the wise teachings it has to offer.