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April 27, 2011

Going On Without You

All waters will flow into the sea, so why think more on it? Why is there endless conjecture about what will happen after we die? What will become of us? Everything we have ever owned will go to someone else or will be thrown away, even the things we treasured the most. Our role as a parent and a spouse will be taken over by another. Our work which we may have thought so important will be abandoned or will be done by others. There will be others to take our place, people will find new friends. We will be forgotten in time. All that will remains of us is pictures and memories. Pictures fade or get lost. Memories are forgotten or death claims them. Many think they are the center of the universe. “Oh, what will the world do without me?” they might think. The world’s reply: “Go on without you.” So just let your water flow easy down the stream to whence it came.