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December 21, 2010

Stones, Rocks, and Pebbles

If you walk around and look at stones and pebbles lying on the ground, you see there are many different colors, many different shapes. They would seem to have little in common, yet they are all stones and pebbles. They all share the earth. There are stones and pebbles, and rocks on the moon. Great deal of money was spent on going to moon and they came back with moon rocks not much different than rocks on earth. There are probably rocks on every planet. All these rocks have one thing in common. They are rocks. They exist in this universe. One rock does not try to take advantage of another rock. They just lay peacefully and co-exist. Human race could learn much from rocks. There are many different kinds of people in this world we live in. Some are peaceful, other not. Some we find more pleasing than others. If we emulate the rock however, we are emulating the Tao. If we say the Tao is the stone in our hand, we are ignoring all the stones that are also Tao. If we say the shape of Tao is the stone in our hand, we only have one stone of Tao. If we lose that stone, we will never find it again and thus lose our perception of Tao. People sometimes talk about seeking Tao, but there is no need to seek it. It is right in front of you. If we learn to look for Tao in all shapes and sizes, we never will lose Tao. We exist with all. We do not judge that one stone is Tao and another is not. We accept that others are different than us. Accept all the world and the whole world is your home.