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December 20, 2010

Remove Clutter

Most vital to simplify practice and life as much as possible. Over-complication lead to under satisfaction. Extensive rituals and cerebral gymnastics not necessary to have rewarding practice. In fact, too many rituals and too much thinking get in way of experiencing. Comedian Woody Allen once say, “Nothing worth knowing can be understood with the mind.” Mind often get in way of knowing like hungry people get in way at buffet line. Mind is always trying to analyze, ration, perceive, decipher, and so on. This prevents actual experiencing of moment. Tao and Zen often complicated by those who wish to teach. If sex was taught like Zen, human race would have died out thousands of years ago.

Pick battles wisely and more time can be spent in peace. Wise general avoids confrontations that are too costly or cannot be won. Cut losses and live to fight another day. Take clutter out of life and more space available for happiness. Take all unnecessary drama out of life. Drama may be good for films, but not needed in everydayness. Simplify work. Do what must be done and then rest.