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December 3, 2010

Light Of Tao

Out of darkness of the unknown often comes bright spark of light. Light of Tao usually unknown to those in outside world. Not speaking about zen definition of satori, which is a sudden case of enlightenment, but a gradual understanding and realization of existence of Tao and its accompanying wisdom that can help us. Darkness can often hide much. Man who throws burning match into dark room that holds gunpowder will meet unfortunate end. Darkness too can hide that which can bring light to mind.

Light of Tao liberates mind. It is the dawning of an age of seeing things with new eyes and new thought. All inaccurate conceptions are washed away like stain in white shirt. People often curse darkness but refuse to use honorable candle to see way clear. If they would only light wick, they could find many valuable treasures. It would keep them from bumping into unpleasant things. Seek the light of Tao and let its glow shine on mind.