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December 1, 2010


Sometimes very small cloud hides sun but we look up and only see overcast skies. Sometimes we mistake raindrop for deluge, snowflake for blizzard, gentle breeze for tropical storm. We expect worst when we should hope for best. Weather like life, very fickle and subject to great change. Instead of looking at bottom of mountain, look up at top.

We see stick on ground and perceive it as snake. Sticks do not bite. Most snakes do not bite either. When encountering snake, be calm and take necessary precaution. Situation almost always not as bad as first feared. Knee-jerk reaction often leads to sore leg later on.

Overreacting is cause of much problems, one way or other. Happiness can soon turn into boredom or unhappiness. Bad news today often corrected by good news tomorrow. Best to keep even keel. Feel joy when joy is present, feels sad when sadness comes, but do not go overboard with either. What is up today may be down tomorrow. A full moon gives way soon to a new one.