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December 22, 2010

Learning From A River

A river flows downstream effortlessly. It does not try to flow backwards or go uphill. Such a struggle would prove fruitless. One who fights to go upstream soon exhausts themselves. As it goes downhill it carves its own path. It immerses itself in nature, winding through trees, down mountains, through valleys. It rushes only when absolutely necessary. It meanders around and slows down to a crawl when it wants. When faced with large obstacle, it flows around it. It does not become flustered. It sometimes goes beyond its borders and explores new territory. A river flows like time, same water not to return. When it is cold outside, the river grows cold. When it is warm, the river warms. The water of the river does not rail against the elements. It adapts. River best left to chart own course instead of interference from others. A river begins at the source, then makes its way to mother ocean. A river can teach much if we take time to sit by its banks and see.