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December 23, 2010

Anger Like Lightning

Lightning strikes quickly. It often gives no warning. Same can be said of anger. Anger can be very hot like lightning strike and can do severe damage. Sometimes to others or to person with anger. Can be very unpredictable. Lightning known to occasionally strike on sunny day. Every brush with anger is a departure from Tao spirit. When there is lightning, there is usually thunder. Thunder can be karma created from lightning occurring. We may react without thinking or what reaction will be from same. We must be careful to control our lightning. Anger usually most unproductive. One time famous teacher was asked if he ever got angry. He said he had a great deal of anger inside but chose to channel it into useful action instead. Sometimes people become angry and use energy to clean house. This makes for good let-off of anger and for very clean house! Control your lightning, reduce thunder of negative karma.