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November 19, 2010

Koan Study:Flowers

Master Li overheard a student who was in charge of cutting the grass by the zendo complaining about the planted flowers. “It takes me so long to go around all those flower beds. I wish I could just mow right over them.” Master Li said, “That is a good idea, we do not need those flowers anyway.” Three days later when it was mowing time again, the student happily ran the mower over the beds cutting the flowers into ribbons. Later, he was sitting on the tractor sipping some tea when Master Li approached. “How was the mowing today?” Master Li inquired. “Very good master!” the student said smiling. “Your work was easier and much faster today?” asked the Master. “Yes, it was.” said the student. “Good, with the extra time you saved, you can go the storage shed and get some potting soil, tools, and flower seeds and begin work immediately planting the seeds for new flowers” Master Li told him. “But Master, you said we didn’t need those flowers anymore and it will take me hours and hours to plant new ones” said the shocked student. “No, we didn’t need those old flowers anymore, but we do need new ones.” said the Master.