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November 20, 2010

Knowing Balance

The Yin and the Yang are opposite forces. Yet they exist together in the harmony of the perfect orb. Sadly, there are many who can not find this harmony. It is this harmony that keeps one in perfect synchronicity with Tao, in harmony with all that surrounds them, unfazed by what comes at them.

Some seek out all yin or believe life should be such. Others seek refuge in all yang. They refuse to believe in the balance of such. How can there only be happiness? Only love? To believe so is to ignore the truth of the universe. It is the deep darkness of the night that can make us appreciate the light of day. It is the warmth of a hot summer day that gives us pleasure in a cool summer evening.

To know balance is to know the ultimate truth. To understand is to know. Yin and yang are united, not separate as many believe. There cannot be one without the other for each exists peacefully within each other. Could there be rest without unrest? Peace without strife? Each one in itself exists to bear the other.