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September 22, 2010

Passing Judgment

It is very easy to make judgments about others. We judge them on their appearance, their manners, perhaps their jobs, how much money they make and other shallow things. We are often blind to what is in the heart because we are infatuated with less important things. Are we so enlightened we are able to make these types of judgments correctly?

When that person departs from our presence, will the earth refuse to spin and orbit on account of them? Will the sun, shining on everything else withhold its light and warmth from them? Will the water they seeks to drink turn to mud.? Will the air they seek to breath disappear? If the mighty universe, sun, earth, and water refrain from passing judgment, who are we to judge?

The only judging should be done of ourselves. Are we doing enough to seek peace? Are we living our lives in accordance with the wisdom of the Tao Te Ching? Do we merely speak in eloquent words and do nothing? We should save the harsh judgments for ourselves.