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September 18, 2010

No Victory

Death can claim no victory over us. Every thing we have touched, worked on, or loved is a reminder of what has been. From generation to generation, our presence is felt even if not remembered. Has not everything we have come into contact with in the life been changed by our being there, sometimes microscopically or sometimes greatly? Every breeze that touches the face, every raindrop that falls on the skin, every ray of sun that warms the body can be a memory being revisited. The Tao is everywhere you seek it and so can the spirit of those no longer with us.

Death is a great fear for so many. Thousands of theories abound, some more reasonable than others. We are part of this great universe. We are part of nature. Why would death not be like death in nature? We see the great cycle of Tao everyday. Life, death, and life again. Not the same exact life, but life in a new beginning, a fresh journey.

Why involve the mind in a theory that is not readily apparent? We see the never-ending cycle of nature. One revolution after another. A zen circle is a line with no beginning and no ending. We follow the Tao. No one can say to what our next journey will be or where it might lead. If we believe in the way of the Tao, there can be no other way.