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August 30, 2010

No Roadblocks

Most useful to adopt attitude of there are no roadblocks, just other paths. Very wise to mimic water that has large stone in its way. Water does not stop or worry about what to do. It very naturally goes around stone and on its way. We often think of roadblock as being an end, but it is just beginning to new path. New path often reaches same destination as old path promised. Cynic may say roadblocks do exist. Not everyone can be president of United States due to lack of money, connections, etc… However ask oneself what path is this? Is it your ego driven path, or path of most humble Tao? Very foolish to expect our demands of path should always be met. When presented with problem, look to water for answer. Do not become stuck behind rock. Simply flow around problem, look for alternatives. Often, unplanned vacation stop bring more happiness than highly planned, anticipated one. Famous poem talks about the path less taken. This often brings great rewards. Take advantage of opportunity to travel another path.