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August 31, 2010

Be Present

When meditating, all you need to do is just be present in the moment. With each breath, feel yourself drifting deeper into a present consciousness. No counting to remember, no special breathing, no mantra to repeat. Just be present in sitting. Close your eyes or open your eyes, it does not matter, it is your consciousness, your world. Casually observe what is around you and about you. Let the mind just relax and be at peace. Feel yourself becoming immersed in bliss of the moment. Let everything fall away, smile to yourself. Secret of meditation is not found in hundreds of rules or rituals. A good time to practice this is right after waking up in morning. This way, the mind has not begun churning, dreaming, dredging up old memories. If you are advanced enough, this can be practiced anytime. Key is to be able to let things go and get into tranquil state. We can sit hear now and just be quiet and fell the wind blowing, the water softly being parted by the boat. We see the stars in the dark night sky. You are one with the universe, you walk with the Tao, one with the trees, mountains, and stars. Ten minutes, twenty minutes, or more, whatever feels right for you. There is no rush. There are many dark hearts and events in this world but sometimes we focus too much on negative aspects. Sitting here tonight, the world is a beautiful place, the universe limitless, our potential infinite. We have incredible power within. The power to be at peace, to be one with the Tao, to be in control of our own destiny. ---From a talk given at midnight on Deck 12 of ocean liner somewhere in middle of Western Caribbean 08-04-10