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May 31, 2024

Pill Time

watch him and he swallows
five pills at once- little ones, big ones
a green one, a pretty pink one

2 white ones and a huge yellow transparent one 

downs it with a some water from an old cup

he was downing whiskey from a couple hours ago

I say to him

hey! you shouldn’t take all those at once

they might get stuck in your windpipe or whatever pipe

it goes down to those mysterious regions

in your drainpipe or water pipe

or your peace pipe or half-pipe

what would you do then?

there’d be nobody here to slap you on the back 

nobody here to call an ambulance 

man, you’d just collapse and die

on that old yellowed linoleum 

next to some Cheeze-balls you dropped last week

you don’t wanna go like that do ya?

he said “yeah, I’ve thought about that 

but I’ve thought about this too

it’s all psychological, if I swallow them all at once

it’s like taking a vitamin and I’m ok with that 

but if I’m taking one at a time 

then I’d feel like a decrepit old man taking his meds 

one after another after another after another 

after another after another 

and that would kill me a lot faster

you understand?”