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March 27, 2024

The Desire You Desire

Wisdom they say is discarding a piece of knowledge. Think about it. How much ‘knowledge’ do you have compared to wisdom? Knowledge is usually good at trivia games, or making small talk, or impressing those who are impressed by such things. Wisdom is real real real. It’s knowing how to make the best of your life, how to walk the way, and having some real peace inside of yourself.

A beginner has all kinds of ideas. Some foolish, some brilliant. An expert’s mind has closed to the point where they have tunnel vision. A beginner sees all kinds of perspectives. There are all kinds of self-appointed ‘experts’. Experts have their uses, but most of them are boring blowhards. Everybody’s an expert on…sports, politics, engineering, world issues, trains. Lots of experts to go around.

Desire can be good and lead towards something you want and need very much. It can also lead you down a lot of side streets, the long way home as it were, down back alleys and dead ends that don’t get you where you wanna go. It all depends on what you follow. It all depends on the desire you desire. It’s easy to get sidetracked. Easy to get fooled. Keep your nose in the wind, your eyes along the skyline.