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February 11, 2024

Be You

Put away your agenda and just live. You don’t need to be this or that. You don’t have to be on German time, South American time is fine. You’ll be there when you’ll be there. Be you, be what you feel.

  • Enjoy the ocean. Feel the wind. Walk in the rain. Play in the snow…and thousands more

Stop listening to the ‘you gotta be this, you gotta be that’ crowd. Crowds try to cloak their stupidity in numbers. Throw your bucket list away. Throw the bucket away. If you get there, you get there. If you don’t, you don’t. Live in the moment. If you’re not happy with your station in life, catch the next train. Just remember,the grass isn’t always greener, the sea bluer, or the hotel a 5-star when you get there. Do what you want, go where you want. 

Like it’s been said; “be you, everyone else is taken” (Oscar Wilde)