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January 11, 2024

I Wish Her The Best

‘Walking Corpse Syndrome’ known by its scientific name of Cotard delusion is a rare condition in which the person who has it has the delusional belief that they are already dead. There are certain medical and mental illnesses that can lead to such a condition occurring. I knew a girl when I was in college who had a form of this condition. She used to have milky white skin and long curly black hair. She had a fondness for regularly wearing heavy black eye makeup and would even put it under her eyes to give her a cadaver look. 

This whole look I’m sure scared off most anybody from getting close to her, but she actually had a sweet albeit eccentric personality. I was told this occurred from being seriously injured in a serious traffic accident and possibly suffering brain trauma. Her mother was killed in the accident and supposedly she had a recurring dream/nightmare where her mother was beckoning her to come over to the other side with her.

I got this story from a neighbor and I’ve no reason to think they were making it up. It certainly seemed logical and bizarre to me at the same time. This would be enough to screw anybody up I would think. I really tried to be a friend to her and was for some time, but her behavior just got a little too kooky for me. Alas, I stopped seeing her and last I heard was that her sister was looking after her. I’m not sure whatever happened to her, but I wish her the best, I do wish her the best.