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December 24, 2023

Shadow People

It was just me at home all alone except that I wasn’t alone what with the shadow people who live in my crumbling home keeping me company. People say that shadow people aren’t people at all, it’s just a product of one’s imagination. But look deep, and you will see they exist. Their movements model the movements of the living. Sometimes they’re referred to as shadow figures or black masses, but whatever you call them, they are real. 

Some say they’re evil, some say they are not. Most of the time they are quite comforting on lonely evenings when you haven’t a friend in the world. The shadow people are there, always with you, not underfoot, not imposing, not hovering, just…there with you. Standing in hallways, waiting by doorways, following you down the steps to the basement where your parents finished part of it and put furniture for your visiting friends to use but no one ever did. You used the basement only to hide away from the world.

Different from the shadows you think may be following down a dark scary street ready to pounce and do you harm, or those lurking behind the trees and bushes looking at you take your nightly walk through the park. They are waiting for you at home, not to be menacing or frightening, but to just keep you company under full moons and no moons, Halloween nights and during deathly quiet overnights when creaks and groans may not all be coming from the house.