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December 11, 2023

10,000 Suns

standing at the desk….no information
at his house……..nobody home

outside the door……only spirit present 

first aid station……..the third degree

sitting on an old wooden chair--wobbly

pouring another glass or clear forgetfulness

spilling some on the old table

that’s seen card games, board games, head games

and ten thousand sunsets through the window

warm humid evenings with fireflies all around

and cold indifferent suns on January nights

with snow draping the big evergreen in the backyard

and some kind of animal tracks in the snow

a cold lonesome breeze blowing off the frozen lake

fried potatoes in the pan and a couple of eggs in another

so many chapters in our lives that nobody has read or maybe will read

words, words, words, words that don’t even come close

to describing how we really felt and what we carried with us