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November 13, 2023

Egyptian Adventure

it is written on an ancient scroll
found within the deep recesses of a pyramid

somewhere within the forbidding desert

after one crosses crosses the mighty river 

traverses the sands that that shift

creating vast sky reaching dunes

walks into the region of light

where one passes into a sacred valley

then scales the great mountain

reaching sight of the deep sea

next to it, it is where the majestic temple is found 

where it has been and will be for all eternity

yes sahib, it is a pleasing mirage

it is where one can find serenity among the plentiful gardens

next to an oasis of life giving water

under the rays of the holy warming sun

and the magical beams of the crescent moon

a sacred land reserved for the pharaohs

their sarcophagus hidden deep within the tombs

guarded by jackals and hissing slithering asps

promising you to a thousand deaths if you fail

your Egyptian adventure has begun