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November 27, 2023

Abandoned Cemetery

…and over in the abandoned cemetery
there are signs of life among the dead

tall grasses with long blades

torpedo grass and different grasses

more kinds of grasses than you can wave a mower at

rising up and choking the tombstones

that have been there at least a half-century 

or maybe even a century or more—who knows 

leaning and unreadable are their legacies

carved into stone once strong and imposing 

now crumbling like proverbial cookie 

and since the cemetery is abandoned 

no one knows who it is

or probably cares who it is except for a few

cemeteryologists or whatever they’re called

those who think a grave is a sacred pace

even when the corpse is unknown 

—the day of their doom is unknown 

—everything is unknown 

is there no statute of limitations for these cases?

the sprawling oaks cover them with shade

keeping the graves out of the reaches of the sun

but it’s probably always cool

six feet under and in the dark

where they rest in peace and pieces