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October 27, 2023


laying here sweaty and unsleepy
ceiling fan blowing steamy twice heated air

a foot of snow would be nice right about now 

the snow isn’t coming so I’m going

I’m going west young man to see the grandest canyon of them all

then, up to the mountains

up high in the sky where there’s beautiful pure snow

winding down while winding up through the mountains 

and here I am

mild to wild in just a whisper

just me and the bears who are getting ready

to hibernate for the winter

I’d like to hibernate for a while too

but not during the winter, maybe the summer

here come some die hard skiers and trekkers

and who’s that coming up the trail?

some jeremiah johnson wannabe I suppose

there’s always somebody in the way

no matter where you go, no matter how remote

where’s an avalanche when you need one?