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September 6, 2023

Futures Uncertain

the lighthouse keeper would be a lonely job for most souls but heaven for others
all alone with the rocks and waves and the mind

a lookout for fires must somehow stay alert ever vigilant for smoke

all alone with the firs and pines and the soul

melting snow comes running down side of steep rocky mountain into running creek

carrying away the teardrops of the clouds

the man who said “there isn’t enough kindness in this world” was right 

there just isn’t enough to go around

there’s hate in the street, indifference in the penthouses

the long lonesome road; it’s the only way to go to see the real america 

this wanderer wanders city to city he goes in persistent search

down tree lined lanes, crowded avenues filled with mindless people

roads full of cars going nowhere, bypasses, grassy alleys arousing suspicion

over old railroad lines that the trains have forgotten about

or aren’t around anymore to remember

Santa Fe all the way, where are you today?

the prodigal son returns home and finds the same things that drove him away

everything changes, nothing changes

zen students so still proving their dedication to clueless masters

powerful incense greets you at doors of temple and a lush red carpet awaits you 

red candle burning, a silent meditation and a late night silence

cool rain falling on the trampled leaves outside the open window splat splat

if only there was somewhere to go, go, go

orbits are completed across the great universe as the crazy stars align

and the mad astrologers plan out futures uncertain