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February 12, 2023

Jamming Signals

what are you? the reincarnation of Lord Haw-Haw?
filling me with bits of disinformation

Ezra Pound couldn’t knock me down

he didn’t make nary a sound 

come out where I can really see you

come out come out whoever you are 

you’re no Radio Free Europe

you’re an all static am radio in a thunderstorm

I’m the voice of America in 

a receivership of iron curtains 

crackle pop crashhhh crackle crackle

nowadays though, I want it clear

we’re clearly not on the same frequency

I’ve tried to be clear channel with you

but you keep trying to sabotage my antenna

jamming my best of intentions signals

shortwave getting shorter all the time and so is my patience

so watts your problem?

I’m going off the air and I don’t know when I’ll be back

you can go play with your little transistors

the quality goes in before the name goes on